People on the Go Maryland

2016 Legislative Platform:

People On The Go have testified on multiple of bills that impact the lives of people with disabilities in Annapolis during the 2016 Legislative session. Highlights include:

  • Ken Capone‚Äôs Equal Employment Act (HB420/SB417)-phases out 14c sub minimum wage certificate program over 4 years. SB417 passed the senate, HB420 passed the house

  • Maryland Achieving a Better Life Experience(ABLE Act) (HB431/SB355)-promotes financial savings for individuals with disabilities in maintaining health, independence, and quality of life. SB355 has passed senate, HB431 headed to the final reading at the house

  • Developmental Disabilities Administration Crisis and Prevention Resolution Wait List (SB413/HB1499)-requires a specific report on the waiting list equity fund to include a crisis resolution category of the wait list for developmental disabilities services. SB413 has passed the senate. HB1499 has first reading

  • State Personnel-Individuals with Disabilities-Hiring Preferences (SB818/HB928)-requiring an appointing authority to apply a credit of five points on a selection test for specified positions in the State Personnel Management System for an individual with a specified disability. SB818 passed the third reading in Senate, HB928 has first reading

  • CINA, Guardianship, Adoption, Custody, and Visitation - Blindness of Parent, Guardian, Custodian, or Party(HB976/SB704)-Establishing that, in making a disposition on a child in need of assistance (CINA) petition, the blindness of a child's parent, guardian, or custodian is relevant only to the extent that the court finds, based on clear and convincing evidence in the record, that the blindness affects the ability of the parent, guardian, or custodian to give proper care and attention to the child and the child's needs; etc. Currently in the House. 

  • Independent Living Tax Credit Act (HB371/SB819)-Allowing an individual or a corporation a credit against the State income tax equal to 50% of the renovation or construction costs incurred during the taxable year to provide specified accessibility and visibility features to or within a home; providing that the credit may not exceed $5,000; requiring applicants to file a specified application before a specified date and to file an amended return; applying the Act to all taxable years beginning after December 31, 2016; etc. Currently in the House. 

  • Public Health - Provision of Life-Preserving Health Care Services (Vulnerable Protection Act) (HB644/SB691)-Prohibiting health care practitioners and health care facilities from denying patients life-preserving health care services requested by a specified person on the basis of a specified view or disagreement; authorizing specified persons to file an action for an injunction in a specified court under specified circumstances; authorizing a health care practitioner, under specified circumstances, to provide specified reasons as a defense to an action filed under a specified provision of the Act; etc. Currently in the House.