People on the Go Maryland

Our Vision and Values

To advocate, educate and legislate on behalf of individuals with disabilities, parents, caregivers, advocates and legislators about the importance of choice and the freedom it brings with the reward of independence. 

About Us

People On the Go (POG) is a group of advocates with intellectual and developmental challenges who use their voices to be heard and recognized. POG is currently a partnership between the Maryland Developmental Disabilities (DD) Council and the Maryland Center for Developmental Disabilities (MCDD) at Kennedy Krieger Institute.

We believe all people should be active participants in their communities and we strive to eliminate discrimination. We began in 1989, as the Maryland statewide self-advocacy group. Maryland currently has at least 10 active local county groups, but it is the goal to have one in every county.

Self-Advocacy is about speaking up for yourself, having a voice, and standing up for what you believe in. Self-advocacy groups help people stand up for what is important to them and bring people together to advocate for common issues. There is always power in numbers!

Some of People On the Go's accomplishments include working with agencies around the state and also working with Governor O'Malley to close institutions such as the Rosewood Center. Persons with disabilities have the right to choose where they want to live with the supports they may choose to utilize. We are also a driving force behind legislative changes in the state to give self-advocates the equality that is deserved.

Employment: Advocate and support people with developmental disabilities to obtain jobs and work with the non- disabled in the community with the same access to benefits. Eliminate sub minimum wages by advocating for equal work equal pay.

Education: Advocate and promote for students with disabilities to be integrated into curriculums with their non-disabled classmates. Provide additional resources and support as needed. Promote and support a curriculum that prepares a student for employment as well as providing access to educational and post-secondary educational resources.

Housing: Advocate for increasing and developing affordable and accessible housing within the community that supports the needs of any individual with a developmental disability.

Civil Rights: Advocate for the law that guarantees all persons with developmental disabilities are not discriminated against as they have the same rights as other citizens.

Transportation: Increase the availability of affordable and reliable transportation within the community

People On the Go Maryland Leadership Officers; Crystal Stephens Chairman; Joshua Maloney Vice Chairman; Aileen O'hare Secretary; Dianne Vander Wyden Treasurer